5 Life Hacks I Started Doing Every Morning for Strong #MentalHealth

Life is rough right now and that can directly impact your mental health. There's a lot we can't control right now but there's still plenty that we can control. Here's some hacks I have started doing every morning to improve my mental health exponentially that you can do too!

1. WAKE UP EARLY! I wake up at 7AM and it's made such a difference.

2. TURN ON SUPER POSITIVE MUSIC THE SECOND YOU WAKE UP! This has been my favorite tip. If you live with other people, plug your head phones in and jam out.

3. SHOWER! I used to be someone who showers at night but nothing beats waking up and feeling super fresh. Keep your music playing while you're in the shower and jam the heck out!

4. DRINK A BIG GLASS OF WATER! I'm not sure why exactly this makes me feel better but starting my day off mega hydrated makes me feel fab. It really does work and make a difference. Bonus tip: add some lemon if you have some!

5. DO A QUICK 15 MINUTE HOUSE CLEAN! Even make it a challenge to see how much you can do in 15 minutes. We do a quick vacuum around the house, spritz surfaces that need a wipe, and do a load of laundry. Seeing a clean house (that also smells good) immediately boosts my mood.


We are in this together. The world is tough right now but we are tougher!
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Myriam Gutstein
Founder of The Dog Mom Club

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