Top 10 Places To Take Your Dog on a Date in Orlando!

So . . . we hear you'd like to take your pup on a BFF date around town? We have your back! Here are the top dog friendly spots to take your pup on a date in Orlando.

1. Haagen Daz

Courtesy Myriam Gutstein

You can get yourself a delicious ice cream while your pup can enjoy a pup cup too! Sounds like a win-win to us!

2. Culver's

Courtesy Jamie Stamm Peck

Grab yourself delish meal and a pup cup paired with treatos for your dog! Yummmm! All locations should serve pup cups but we recommend calling in ahead to be sure.

3. Dairy Queen

Courtesy Brittany Stout

One ice cream for you! One for your pup! The pup cup consists of a dollop of vanilla soft serve. All locations will have pup cups.

4. Jeremiahs

Courtesy Maya Betz-Otero

Jeremiahs has 2 flavors for pup cups! Peanut butter and vanilla! Fancy! We love it.

5. Dunkin' Donuts

Courtesy Debra Konner

One coffee for you... and one for your pup! Pawfect place to go on a coffee date with your four legged BFF in Orlando.

6. Kelly's Homemade Ice Cream

Courtesy Jessi Bonk

Kelly's has multiple locations and they make their very doggy popsicles! We love local businesses that are dog-friendly! Yay Kellys!

7. Rock & Brews

Courtesy Jill Silk

Rock & Brews has an entire menu for dogs! We are impressed! Heckin' WOW 15/10!

8. Chill Pop Lounge

Courtesy Nery Pardo Thorimbert

These guys make their own doggy popsicles! ODMC puppy approved!

9. Andy's

Courtesy Tonya Michelle

This pup ice cream is so good that it's demolished in one bite! 13/10 for Andy's!

10. Starbucks

Courtesy Maria Aruca

Last but not least, we have the original date spot for dogs and dog parents: Starbucks! Puppacino's galore!

If you take your pup on a date to any of these spots, please tag us (@TheOrlandoDogMomClub) so we can feature you and your pup!

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  • Jennifer Diaz

    Loved this !!! Thank you

  • Ashley McDaniel

    Thanks y’all! I’ve lived over here most of my life and didn’t know about half of these places!! We’ll be checking them out once the crisis is over! Woohoo!!

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