The Orlando Dog Mom Club hosted it's first ever Self-Care Retreat and it was absolutely incredible! Here's what went down:

1. SELF-LOVE YOGA WITH WARRIOR ONE! Sign up for their classes here: (first month of UNLIMITED classes is only $39) or download their app called MindBody!

2. These cute AF tote bags and dog mom shirts from Go Big Frog! Need merch done in Orlando? Check them out! They have a no-minimum ordering system!

3. THE EMPOWERMENT PANEL! The panelists were:

Moderated by Julie Broughton -- Anchor and Meteorologist at NEWS6. Follow her here:

Shainna Ali Ph.D., LMHC -- Author and Mental Health Clinician -- AUTHOR OF THE SUPER POPULAR SELF LOVE WORKBOOK!!! It can be purchased here:

Ericka Dunlap -- Miss America 2004, Etiquette and Confidence Coach, & Speaker. Check her out here: 

Ginger Gadsden -- Anchor and Reporter at NEWS6. Follow her here:

Kait Richardson RDN, LD, CPT (Dietician and Nutritionist from Nutrition Awareness. If you need an amazing nutritionist, this is your gal:

4. The DELISH dessert bar! We don't mess around when it comes to amazing food!

5. A HOW SELF-LOVE AFFECTS THE CARE WE GIVE OUR DOGS talk by the Winter Park Veterinarian Hospital's Marketing Director, Dana, telling us why self-love is so important when it comes to caring for our dogs. Check out the best vet in Orlando here:

6. AMAZING LAUGHTER YOGA hosted by the laughter yoga expert herself Joy Steelman -- she can be booked for sessions at

7. SO MANY NEW FRIENDS! Women walked into the retreat alone and walked out with so many new friends. An incredible sight to see!

8. MOTIVATION AND INSPIRATION! The retreat provided an unbelievable sense of motivation to constantly practice self-love, self-care, and feel empowered by how amazing we are thanks to all the activities.

9. The FOMO is real! ODMC events are incredible. Here's your chance to snag the last few spots at our upcoming events! 

Check out our Bake a Doggy Cake BFF or Date night:

and our Paw Paint Night!

10. WE COULDN'T HAVE DONE THIS EVENT WITHOUT THESE PEOPLE! Please give the following incredible people the biggest virtual hug!

- Our FABULOUS Event Manager: Lea Ahlers

- Our INCREDIBLE Event Operating Manager: Martita Sharlow

- Victoria Elizabeth Webster-Perez: Thank you for ensuring we have a space for our retreat! You're amazing!

- Our Incredible Event Registrations Ladies + Set-Up Helpers: Mollie Savage, Mariela Capelleti, Sarah Francis

- Our AMAZING Event Photographer: Renato Capelleti

- Our Yogi Masters: Michon McKay, Leah James, Judy Hines, Cassie Zink, and Grace Korley

- Our Bad Ass Panelists: Julie Broughton, Shainna Ali Ph.D., LMHC, Ericka Dunlap, Ginger Gadsden, Kait Richardson RDN, LD, CPT

- The Winter Park Vet and Dana Mitchell for helping us make this event possible

- The Merch Masters:

- Our incredible attendees! We love you!


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